Business Pricing

Business FAQ

I typical session will be about 2 hours which depends on how you can work the camera. This should cover about 4 looks. Based on the number of looks you want the session could be done in about 30 mins for each look to get enough of lighting variations. 

You can work as many looks as you want in the session. You’ll get one edited image from each look and you can choose additional images from the same look which will have an additional  $35 per image. 

I will mostly be using my indoor home studio to shoot the headshots. Considering we live in Vancouver the weather is unpredictable but if the sun is out and the conditions are good we can wander outside.

It should take about a week till I can deliver the images to you. You will be sent a download link via email. 

After the session is done I will help you select your images from the bunch that we shot. We can narrow it down and I can give you my feedback to help you choose a headshot. 

Yes, you can get your agent to select images. This will be an extra cost. You will get an online gallery and your agent can select the images you’d like to retouch. 

You will get a link sent my email to download the images. 

For any further questions or inquiries

Please contact me