Sheldon Carvalho Photography

Thank you for checking in to Sheldon Carvalho Photography. A little about myself. I got my first dslr camera around 9 years ago. Around 2014 is when I left behind my career as a  Computer Systems Analyst and I ventured into photography. When I was younger I had a knack for arts and crafts. Growing up I kinda left it behind. Learned to play the guitar and then worked my way to learning to play the bass. Computers intrigued me which is why I got in to that field. While having that job I volunteered my services for anything creatieve if my help was required. Photography was one of those interests. With my experimentation on my first dslr purchase, my Nikon D90 my passion for photography grew.  After moving to Vancouver in 2014 I decided to pursue Photography and here I am, still at it .

Now, let’s get to business shall we? if you are looking to get some business portrait/headshots, need to capture a company event then shoot me a message. Let’s get cracking. The time is now.